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Custom Orders

Custom orders almost always introduce levels of complications that aren't in my production orders, but I won't let that discourage me if you don't get discouraged either.  When you propose a custom piece, the first question I ask myself is, "Can I make it?"  If the answer is no, I'll tell you upfront and hopefully be able to direct you to someone else who is more likely to be able to make what you want.

Repairs present their own set of challenges that go beyond design and engineering.  Matching wood species, grains, and coloration is always a concern.  Finishing a piece of raw wood to match an unknown finish that may be a hundred or more years old is part art and part science, and can be the biggest challenge in making a repair.

It is always helpful when you send pictures or even drawings or sketches with your initial request.  If I can make it, then we will work our way to a final design and materials selection.  I will give you an accurate but still approximate time frame on when it will be completed, and you will be kept abreast as the piece progresses.  You will also have a firm price commitment, subject only to changes in materials costs.

The clearer you are in describing what you want, the better we work together until you have a one-of-a-kind piece you will be proud of forever. Sometimes the best way to start this process is a phone call; I can ask a lot of questions and narrow down all the variables and unknowns more quickly. 

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